Melissa Arias: This work represents my desire to preserve the spontaneous way children act.

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Andrea Melissa Arias is not the first one to use colored pencils as element for design objects. Neither is she the only one transforming them into contemporary jewelry. But Melissa Arias accessories stand out in its playfulness and curiosity. As Melissa explains it herself “I discovered during this process the unexpected mix of colours and marks made by the saw blade resembling the way of drawing on walls, dirty, smudged and faded, like scribbling outside the lines.”

The smudged scribbling like marks are what characterizes Andrea Melissa Arias pencil jewelries. Not only does it add an appealing visual feature, but the marks are also a clear reminder of the previous work process, adding a special dynamic to the jewelries.

All photos by Federico Cavicchioli

++ Melissa Arias

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