A complex collision of colour and reference

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We are surrounded by objects that have fulfilled its initial purpose but refuse to unspark that spark, that keep charming us with a beautiful color, startling color combination, an intriguing shape or with references and history. How can we make use of these seemingly useless objects? Committee Kebab Lamps series is a splendid example on how varied materials and eclectic objects composed together produce a beautiful, most meaningful product. Imagine, combine and build it away!

The experiment with the Committee Lamps began in 2003 and won the 2004 UK Elle Decoration/Observer Design Award for Lighting: “Being a functional, household item made of unconventional materials and techniques, the lamps were in the vanguard of the recent wave of critical design practice, in which designers and makers started to question mass production, the predominant modernist ‘style’ and the nature of consumption and retail, from within the industry. Such works began to combine the discursive properties of artistic practice with the functional and decorative pursuits of design practice to produce new directions.”

Reuse in design is today far more practiced and is gaining traction EVERY DAY.

++ Kebab Lamps.

++ Committee Design

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