Adi Zaffran Upcycles Bullets Into Rings

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Adi Zaffran, Bullet Rings

We mentioned designer Adi Zaffran in our piece on Moorbi and Sustainable Design published earlier. As today is Jewellery Saturday, let us have a closer look at some more rings that Adi Zaffran makes from upcycled bullets collected at a firing range.

About the work: The rings that were created remove the bullet from its original function and they surprisingly turn into a bejeweled object and emphasize the beauty and aesthetics of the bullet when it is distanced from its surroundings. Every bullet retains memories and traces of the journey it underwent from the moment it was fired until it was picked up. 

Adi Zaffran Bullet Ring Adi Zaffran Upcycle Bullet Ring Adi Zaffran Upcycled Bullet Ring

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++ Adi Zaffran Bullet Rings



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