Buy Less and Care More – A Definition of Sustainable Fashion

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Our interest in upcycled fashion design derives from a curiosity in all things new and disruptive. An interest in ideas that push things forward, that alter the perspective and force change because in a brilliant way they pick up social tendencies that we did not even know existed!

Never has it been more important to challenge and rethink the concepf of fast fashion to pursue a sustainable development. Therefore we embrace every innovation that is a sustainable alternative to fast fashion and wanted to share some of them that we have recently come across. We have watched a new documentary on textile innovation and we have visited Futerra to discuss new business models in sustainable fashion.

the next black documentary

The Next Black Suzanne Lee Biocouture

The documentary The Next Black – A film about the future of clothing, explores the fashion innovations that are on the verge to breakthrough and that could seriously influence a shift in consumer behavior. Featured are, among others, Suzanne Lee and the Biocouture concept of growing products from bacteria (above), a closer look at Patagonias ‘Don’t buy this jacket’- ad for Black Friday (Patagonia have actually seen an increase in revenue ever since that ad was published), ‘dry dye’ by Yeh Group and a visit to IFixit company along with an exploration of the fix and repair model. All of them are crucial keys if we want to pull off sustainable fashion.

Last week Sustainable Communication Agency Futerra organized an event with focus on new business models in sustainable fashion. Common to all of us at the event was a love for fashion and design as an aim to express ourselves. For us at Upcyclista it is very important to start with the recognition that fashion and design is fun- even shopping can be fun from time to time. With that starting-point, how do we make it sustainable? The panel, that consisted by known names in the sustainable fashion industry, emphasized the importance to shape a repair-culture, as well as changing our perception of trash. – Trash has never been so interesting as it is right now, proclaimed Fredrik Wikholm from fashion label Uniforms For The Dedicated. Paula Ponzer from Fututre Threads Project suggested a sort of Visual Shopping– window-shopping in 2014 practiced on social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram.

Finally, the short sustainable message I am getting is: Buy Less and Care More.



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