Diana Eng’s Recycled Leather Purses Are Numbered To Track Origin

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Diana Eng, Fortune Cookie Purse from Recycled Leather

Diana Eng’s beautiful fortune cookie coin purses are all made from recycled leather. Good. But often as a conscious consumer you want more detailed information about your purchase, and that is why it is so clever to mark each purse with a unique number on it so you can track the leather origin! Your Diana Eng purse might be made from preconsumer scraps from a high-end designer furniture company or it could be remnant leather from the garment district. You can find out on the website together with some personal notes from Eng. That certainly increases the product value. Love the concept. Love the design. And oh, a printed fortune is to be found inside.
Fortune Cookie Purse made from Recycled Leather by Diana Eng Recycled Leather Purse by Diana Eng

++ Fortune Cookie Coin Purse

++ Diana Eng



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