Momo Wang: China Upcycle Queen

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With her short bob haircut and delicate frame, Momo Wang has the stature of a woman from Shanghai in the 1920s and 1930s, but don’t be fooled. For a young woman of 26, from the little known Chinese city, Jinzhou, she has already has 70,000 loyal followers on Weibo.

Wang started studying for a degree in Beijing in Inter-cultural Communincations but realised this was not for her and decided to turn her hand to fashion. Refusing to let people put her down she applied without any formal training to Central St Martins (CSM), arguably the world’s most famous fashion school. A CSM representative attended an education fair encouraging Chinese students to apply and Wang soon got to work compiling a portfolio, academic recommendations and a personal statement. She bought a sewing machine and began working in her university dorm but when her seven fellow dorm mates complained of the noise she rented a basement room seven square metres for £20 a month. Working day and night, Wang picked apart clothing, teaching herself how garments were constructed, staged photo shoots and played with ideas.

Read full article at Any Wear Style. Written by Tamara Combe


Momo Wang Wave Hand 2013

Momo Wang Wave Hand

Momo Wang’s new collection Wave ‘Hand’ is inspired by fabrics from the 20’s and 30’s that Momo collected with a desire to turn them into wearable clothes again after surviving for so long. The upcycled fabrics is mixed with new to form an interesting blend of old and handmade with artifical.

Momo Wang's Wave Hand 2013 Upcycled Material

Momo Wang Wave Hand Upcycling

Momo Wang Wave Hand 2013 Upcycled Fabrics

Momo Wang Wave Hand Upcycled

BA Collection from Central Saint Martins 2011

Momo Wang 2011

Momo Wang I love My Print Room 2011

++ Momo Wang ‘Third Hand’ 2012

++ Any Wear Style

++ Momo Wang

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