Moorbi’s definition of Sustainable Design is fun, stylish and as exciting as ever

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Who’s that owl with the perky tweets about sustainability, sharing the Upcycled design j’adore? It’s Moorbi! Your New Online Sustainable Design Retail.

Not long ago, what seemed to be an owl calling himself “Moorbi” entered the Upcycling scene with the objective to be heard and seen. With insightful ideas and thoughts they were heard and with the best upcycled design they were in deed seen. Later I found out that the owl is actually a Ninja (maybe still an owl in disguise?) and the name Moorbi is taken after co-Founder and CEO Martina’s first Upcycling- a toy when she was four years old. “So I guess I knew early on what I wanted to do in the future,” Martina later explained.

Moorbi describes themselves as a young and vibrant start‐up marketplace for Sustainable Designers, Artists and Makers. offers, “Premium products made, re/made and designed by some of the best masters of style and sustainability”.

Studio Avni Upcycled Saree stools and poufs.

Six Finger Studio Coat rack from reclaimed wood

The designs that Moorbi showcases are among the best on the market. The people behind Moorbi are equipped with a sense for style and they do not shun away from quirkiness. They are undoubtedly vibrant- I am swept along in their enthusiasm for Upcycled design and innovative ideas. Here’s the idea behind Moorbi:

“We wanted to create an online place focused on Sustainable Design, demonstrating that Sustainability is not only for Treehuggers as well as Design is not only for Fashion Victims.”

That to me is excellent and spot on. We have lacked having someone at the crossroads of sustainable design and young, fun and exciting kind of design.

Adi Zaffran Bullet Ring

Raw Coffee Tab Upcycled by Adi Zaffran

Furniture Magpie Coat Rack from Chair

Now, when I started to write this article I wanted to say that the days when ‘sustainable design’ connoted grey, dull, boring and necessary are now long gone. But then fashion icon and eco-advocate Alexa Chung words echoed in my head; “Sustainable, ecological, organic… … The language of conscience-free shopping is a clunky vocabulary that instantly brings to mind images of hemp kaftans, recycled tin-can bags, and other things I’d rather not swathe my body in, thanks.” Harsh but true. The days when sustainable design connoted grey, dull, boring and necessary are only long gone for my likes and me, not for the majority of consumers. We have to remember that.

But here’s what is great- it is just a matter of time before sustainable design instead means authenticity, character and life-long value and Upcycled design is the preferred choice because of it’s unique features. And it is young start-ups like Moorbi that are helping to nuance and redefine sustainable design, and define the new term Upcycling, proving it to be as exciting and visually appealing as ever.

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