Re-Blown Glass Bottles In Supercyclers Superblown Collection

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Superblown Vases from Glass Bottles by Supercyclers

For the third year, Supercyclers exhibited at 19 Greek Street for the London Design Festival. One designers collective and one venue that are doing a great job in transforming mainstream perceptions of sustainable design.

The exhibited Superblown Collection by supercycler Liane Rossler is one example. The delicate vessels were once discarded glass bottles.

Superblown Glass Vases from Bottles

Superblown by Supercyclers Superblown for Supercyclers

“This series of delicate glass bubbles have been blown directly from the bottles, creating a new lease of life for them as vases. Superblown takes discarded glass bottles and directly hand blows them to become delicate vessels, whose colour is the only signifier of their former life. “

Superblown Glass Bottle Vases

++ Laura Lassler

++ Superblown



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