Submission: It seems like every house has a stamp album buried somewhere! Postage stamp art by Max & Me Designs

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Max & Me Designs specialize in creating unique art, jewellery and giftware using upcycled postage stamps from all over the world. To me, it is one of those brilliant ideas that just makes a lot of sense. A characteristic of Upcycling that many creators value is its inherent narrative and nostalgia, postage stamps are loaded with narratives, which make them perfect for Upcycling. Stacey is the founder of Max & Me Designs and she agrees, saying “I’ve found that many customers buy pieces that are personally significant to them whether it’s a design that features stamps from countries they are from or have visited or jewellery featuring stamps from the year they were born or married.”

Many postage stamps are also work of art themselves, which led Stacy to extend her production to jewelries after initially making only art pieces. In addition to all this, mail correspondence is something quite exceptional these days, adding an aura of mystery and romance to postage stamps, something almost exotic.

Stacey told me “It’s amazing how many people tell me that they or someone in their family collected stamps at some stage in their life, it seems like every house has a stamp album buried somewhere!”

In my family the collector was my crazy grandpa. My grandpa could show us kids how to make a perfect headstand, he hided soda in the big oak tree for us to find just as in Pippi Longstocking, and he always had a funny story at hand. But he also appreciated serenity and loved to sit over a thousand-piece puzzle for hours, or with his stamp collection. I would love a piece of art around which reminds me of me precious grandpa. That’s the power of good Upcycling and Max & Me specifically, the reminiscent of fond memories.

Postage Stamp Pendant, Japan 1980

Postage Stamp Earrings,  Austria 1973

Postage Stamps Wine Charm, Australia 1937

What is a great idea without great execution? Me & Max Designs have created a distinctive and recognizable style. Even though the motifs range from teapots to babushka dolls, the design can easy be recognized as Max & Me. Considering the variety in the initial product, the color palette is impressively consistent and appealing. Stacy do have an eye for colors and details!

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Max & Me Designs unique art, jewellery and giftware can be purchased here.

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