Buy Less and Care More – A Definition of Sustainable Fashion

Our interest in upcycled fashion design derives from a curiosity in all things new and disruptive. An interest in ideas that push things forward, that alter the perspective and force change because in a brilliant way they pick up social tendencies … Read more

Willem Heeffer Upcycling Design Interior for Mandala Travel in Helsinki

Willem Heeffer, the Dutch designer based in Finland told us during a recent Upcyclista interview that he was involved in the making of a new interior design. We made him promise to tell us more once completed. And now, here … Read more

Buy and sell your Upcycled Design at new Global Marketplace is your new Global Marketplace and Community for small businesses. Most services are for free and when it is not- the currency is ‘beecoins’. Ezebee launched as recent as February 2013, but have in no time become an alternative … Read more