Elina Priha SS15 – Varsity Jackets in Recycled Denim

Elina Priha is a Finnish born now based in London street wear designer who is ‘passionately exploring the denim culture and taking it one step further’. According to the webpage, Priha’s clothes are ‘for the coolest uncool’. And these days, … Read more

Recycled Denim Shoes by Saint Vacant x Costo

The Upcycled products on the market keeps getting better, and more. Lately we have spotted a variety of well-made, neat shoes and sneakers made in part from upcycled material. One of these cool shoes are made by our new favorite Finnish … Read more

Waste Side Story Puts Helsinki On The Upcycling Map

Berlin and London just got fierce competition in the running towards becoming best upcycling city – by Helsinki. During Helsinki Design Week, the sustainable alternative Waste Side Story (equivalent to London’s Estethica) presented with a big creative bang. The eco fashion show was organized by Pure … Read more

EMG Pushes Upcycling Fashion Forward With Salvaged T-Shirts

Designer and visual artist Alex Noble takes on to pioneer inventive sustainability ‘in the higher end of the creative cultural market’ with his new venture EMG. The sustainable fashion industry and all of us rejoices for such a strong attraction … Read more

Lucio Castro Creates Fashion with European Nostalgia Beach Towels

Lucio Castro sent upcycled terry towels down the catwalk at New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015. But not any towels, nope, vintage from Croatia, Latvia and Belarus. And we love the one-of-a-kind Soviet vs. Beach inspired design. This is the … Read more

Make Love Not Fashion – Upcycled Wear by Benu Berlin S/S 2015

The Upcycling Fashion Label to watch is undeniably German brand Benu Berlin. The designer trio Karen Jessen, Anna Bach & Luis C. Zuniga constitutes together the brand that is based in Berlin- a city well on its way to become … Read more

Diana Eng’s Recycled Leather Purses Are Numbered To Track Origin

Diana Eng’s beautiful fortune cookie coin purses are all made from recycled leather. Good. But often as a conscious consumer you want more detailed information about your purchase, and that is why it is so clever to mark each purse … Read more

These shoes are made out of 100% rubbish found on UK shores

“Contemporary footwear spends barely a fraction of its life hugging a foot. For the majority of its life it is rubbish.” Charles Duffy, William Gubbins and Billy Turvey set out to communicate the correlation between consumerism and waste, in specific plastic … Read more

Buy Less and Care More – A Definition of Sustainable Fashion

Our interest in upcycled fashion design derives from a curiosity in all things new and disruptive. An interest in ideas that push things forward, that alter the perspective and force change because in a brilliant way they pick up social tendencies … Read more

New Collection From Upcycling Pioneers ‘From Somewhere’

From Somewhere is the fashion label that have been Upcycling since 1997, making them real pioneers of Upcycled Design. They work primarily with pre-consumer surplus from the manufacturing houses and textile mills of the luxury fashion industry. Founders are Orsola … Read more

Upcycled Fashion by Liora Lassalle

Upcycled denim – yes sometimes. But the way upcycled fashion designer Liora Lassalle transform the material or adds it to her wild and vibrant designs – yes always! I really like how she works with the different shades of denim blue. And … Read more

Fang Fang wants to introduce Recycled Fashion in China – an interview

With a rising underground music scene, an established contemporary art scene and prominent names in the fashion industry, the Beijingers are more and more looking to express themselves individually. Now they, and the large number of expats thriving in the … Read more