‘More Than This’ Chairs from Materials Often Found on the Streets

Spanish designer Curro Claret curated the More Than This exhibition at the Vincon gallery in Barcelona to showcase a collection of chairs made from materials often found on the street. The chairs are made by people from very different backgrounds including members of the … Read more

The Salami Chair – A Cool Piece Of Upcycled Furniture

Salami Chair by Luca Bornoffi, is a very special project where art, design and upcycling blend together to create an object of “Eco Design”. It is based on the recovery of an old wooden plank, on which you can mount 1 … Read more

Ry Rocklen make furnitures with abandoned trophies

American artist Ry Rocklen’s soft spot for trophies began in 2011, when for just a few dollars he bought 150 of them from a scrap merchant. An orgy of abandoned objects that eventually gave way to furniture series ‘Trophy Modern‘ in 2013.  ++ … Read more

Upcycled Stone Objects by Ghigos Studio

Ghigos Studio makes great use of the functional and aesthetic opportunities that resides in the residues from the finished stone productions. The studio has designed a unique and distinctive product concept from a residue usually overlooked and call it just … Read more

Plastic bottle caps upcycled into bright modern objects

Brazilian designer Brunno Jahara is behind this collection of multicolored objects that mix and upcycle discarded plastic pieces and plastic bottle caps in strong vivid color compositions. The objects speak about the importance of color and sustainability, raising awareness towards … Read more

Yinka Ilori show new Upcycled Chairs in Stockholm

I met with London based Upcycler Yinka Ilori in Stockholm just days before the opening of his Solo Exhibition at Gallery Just Africa. We met at a café on the trendy streets of the town, Yinka first just wanted hot … Read more

Rockers from recycled cardboard pulp by Michael Neville

Detroit-based designer Michael Neville has created the ‘colonial turd’ rocker series as a material exploration of post-consumer cardboard pulp and natural dyes. The pieces are designed as functional play furniture for young children that are bight and colorful. The friendly-looking … Read more

Shari Mendelson make fantastic sculptures from discarded plastic bottles

Shari Mendelson’s work is inspired by historical ceramic, glass and metal artifacts and constructed from found plastic bottles. She collects discarded juice, soda and water bottles, cut them into pieces and use the parts to create new sculptures. The original … Read more

Willem Heeffer Upcycling Design Interior for Mandala Travel in Helsinki

Willem Heeffer, the Dutch designer based in Finland told us during a recent Upcyclista interview that he was involved in the making of a new interior design. We made him promise to tell us more once completed. And now, here … Read more

Upcyclista Celebrates: Little Rocks Design

Little Rocks is a small creative team with our studio based in Athens Greece. Headed up by visual artist Petroula Krigkou, the upcycling company little rocks sprung into being out of her desire to create something new and unusual, while … Read more