Fang Fang wants to introduce Recycled Fashion in China – an interview

With a rising underground music scene, an established contemporary art scene and prominent names in the fashion industry, the Beijingers are more and more looking to express themselves individually. Now they, and the large number of expats thriving in the … Read more

Willem Heeffer Upcycling Design Interior for Mandala Travel in Helsinki

Willem Heeffer, the Dutch designer based in Finland told us during a recent Upcyclista interview that he was involved in the making of a new interior design. We made him promise to tell us more once completed. And now, here … Read more

Heimtextil Trends 2014/15 look forward look back

We took the Trend Tour at Heimtextil Messe Frankfurt.  Heimtextil Trends 2014/15 is assembled with UK based trend consultancy firm Franklin Till in lead and with the contribution of many worldwide renowned names in the textile and interior trend sphere. … Read more

Upcyclista Top Ten: Alternative Christmas Tree

Here we go, our 2013 favorite trees   One of Wood and Wool Stools many Reclaimed Wood Christmas Trees.     Another Scrap Wood Tree     Christmas Cards Tree   This and that, trinkets and treasures. Pretty Handy Girl Blog … Read more

Reanim is medicine for rejected pieces of furnitures

I came across this old (2003!) project ‘Reanim‘ that is beautiful imaginative and clever crafted upcycled furniture pieces by French 5.5 Design Studio. What a jackpot discovery! The design studio presents ideas that are new to me, like the 1/4 … Read more

Nucleo Petroglyph furniture from reclaimed wood

Nucleo Petroglyph chairs and table are made from reclaimed wood. The studio, that is made up of four members and based in Torino Italy contemplates the Petroglyph collection, re-use and beauty: After being assembled, the piece will carry an invisible … Read more

Searching for something new in Dashilar, Beijing Design Week

Beijing Design Week is up and running for the 3rd year. I went to one of its main areas Dashilar to see what new ideas and design is brought to daylight, and if we could spot any Upcycling. Since Amsterdam- … Read more

Upcycled detergent bottles by textile artist CONZI

When the detergent bottle became a vase I all of a sudden noticed it’s attractive color and vivid form! And I love how Conzo kept the bottle cap and made it an integral detail in the lamp design. Just like … Read more

Everyday objects become personality traits in the hands of Boss Brown Art

In order to create a world where we leave less waste behind it is crucial to change our perception of waste. That can only be done if we grow and nourish our imagination. Of course Einstein was right when he … Read more

Donna Walker reveal hidden beauty in lampshades

London Design festival is almost here, and boy are we curious what the London Upcyclers might treat us with! While we are waiting, let’s celebrate the great London Upcycler Donna Walker and her lampshades featured on previous London Design Week. … Read more

A complex collision of colour and reference

We are surrounded by objects that have fulfilled its initial purpose but refuse to unspark that spark, that keep charming us with a beautiful color, startling color combination, an intriguing shape or with references and history. How can we make … Read more