Lucirmás Presents ‘LaFlor Lamp’ From Upcycled Wine Bottle

Lucirmás is a spanish brand specialized in upcycling bottles. The newest star in the collection is ‘LaFlor Lamp’ designed by Nutcreatives Studio. LaFlor Lamp combines the upcycle of a wine bottle with the design of a lampshade in copper. The … Read more

The PET Lamp project is expanding to more countries and cultures

The PET Lamp (that we presented earlier here), designed by Alvaro Catalán de Ocón and made by artisans, have won numerous awards and the project is expanding with its success. The new lamps have a somewhat different look as collaborators … Read more

Hervé Matejewski Upcycles Glass Containers To Luminous Lamps

In 2010 Paris-born designer Hervé Matejewski‘s choice of unconventional material was old porcelain pieces that he piled up to create a unique and humorous object. In the new Mat&Jewski lighting collection he continues to upcycle and give abandoned objects new … Read more

Dear Human Designs Cool Lamps From Recycled Paper

These pretty and modern lamps in an appealing triangular form have a colorful fabric cord, a ceramics top and a shade made from recycled paper pulp. The paper for the shades are entirely collected from the recycling bins of the … Read more

Plastic bottle caps upcycled into bright modern objects

Brazilian designer Brunno Jahara is behind this collection of multicolored objects that mix and upcycle discarded plastic pieces and plastic bottle caps in strong vivid color compositions. The objects speak about the importance of color and sustainability, raising awareness towards … Read more

Fang Fang wants to introduce Recycled Fashion in China – an interview

With a rising underground music scene, an established contemporary art scene and prominent names in the fashion industry, the Beijingers are more and more looking to express themselves individually. Now they, and the large number of expats thriving in the … Read more

Chandeliers from found glass and ceramics objects by Vano Alto

The Vanoalto studio was founded in 2010 from the collaboration between artists Vittorio Cavallini and Paola Mariani, and various artisans in Tuscany. Their research revolves around the transformation of traditional objects, through re-interpretations, minimal changes and poetic revelations. Conceived as … Read more

Buy and sell your Upcycled Design at new Global Marketplace is your new Global Marketplace and Community for small businesses. Most services are for free and when it is not- the currency is ‘beecoins’. Ezebee launched as recent as February 2013, but have in no time become an alternative … Read more

Upcycled detergent bottles by textile artist CONZI

When the detergent bottle became a vase I all of a sudden noticed it’s attractive color and vivid form! And I love how Conzo kept the bottle cap and made it an integral detail in the lamp design. Just like … Read more

Donna Walker reveal hidden beauty in lampshades

London Design festival is almost here, and boy are we curious what the London Upcyclers might treat us with! While we are waiting, let’s celebrate the great London Upcycler Donna Walker and her lampshades featured on previous London Design Week. … Read more

A complex collision of colour and reference

We are surrounded by objects that have fulfilled its initial purpose but refuse to unspark that spark, that keep charming us with a beautiful color, startling color combination, an intriguing shape or with references and history. How can we make … Read more

FactoryTwentyOne can certainly make pendant lampshades from pallets

What else can we make from pallets? Well, FactoryTwentyOne can certainly make pendant lampshades from pallets. Available in a carefully chosen combination of colors, ranging from rustic plain to a quiet passion-ish pink and with a clean line design, these … Read more