Glunz Transforms Pallet Into Garden Chair

Glunz describes the Garden Chair Project as ‘A simple outdoor chair with a flexible backlean’. Well that ‘simple’ pallet chair is welcome to sit in my garden. ++ Garden Chair   … Read more

Yinka Ilori show new Upcycled Chairs in Stockholm

I met with London based Upcycler Yinka Ilori in Stockholm just days before the opening of his Solo Exhibition at Gallery Just Africa. We met at a café on the trendy streets of the town, Yinka first just wanted hot … Read more

Ryo Chohashi include second-hand in his furniture work

Ryo Chohashi is a Japan born furniture maker. In his hands, old and blemished chair and table legs are aroused when combined in intriguing ways that make a stool or a table sparkle.   Photo by Kenta Hasegawa ++ Ryo Chohashi … Read more

Willem Heeffer Upcycling Design Interior for Mandala Travel in Helsinki

Willem Heeffer, the Dutch designer based in Finland told us during a recent Upcyclista interview that he was involved in the making of a new interior design. We made him promise to tell us more once completed. And now, here … Read more

Heimtextil Trends 2014/15 look forward look back

We took the Trend Tour at Heimtextil Messe Frankfurt.  Heimtextil Trends 2014/15 is assembled with UK based trend consultancy firm Franklin Till in lead and with the contribution of many worldwide renowned names in the textile and interior trend sphere. … Read more

Upcyclista Celebrates: Little Rocks Design

Little Rocks is a small creative team with our studio based in Athens Greece. Headed up by visual artist Petroula Krigkou, the upcycling company little rocks sprung into being out of her desire to create something new and unusual, while … Read more

Reanim is medicine for rejected pieces of furnitures

I came across this old (2003!) project ‘Reanim‘ that is beautiful imaginative and clever crafted upcycled furniture pieces by French 5.5 Design Studio. What a jackpot discovery! The design studio presents ideas that are new to me, like the 1/4 … Read more

Nucleo Petroglyph furniture from reclaimed wood

Nucleo Petroglyph chairs and table are made from reclaimed wood. The studio, that is made up of four members and based in Torino Italy contemplates the Petroglyph collection, re-use and beauty: After being assembled, the piece will carry an invisible … Read more

Buy and sell your Upcycled Design at new Global Marketplace is your new Global Marketplace and Community for small businesses. Most services are for free and when it is not- the currency is ‘beecoins’. Ezebee launched as recent as February 2013, but have in no time become an alternative … Read more

Abstract painting with reclaimed wood by Duncan Johnson

“My new body of work uses discarded wood gathered from landfills and construction sites in Vermont. They contain aspects of sculpture, drawing and painting referencing my many interests from quilting to architecture” – Duncan Johnson The faded colors and the scraped … Read more

Moorbi’s definition of Sustainable Design is fun, stylish and as exciting as ever

Who’s that owl with the perky tweets about sustainability, sharing the Upcycled design j’adore? It’s Moorbi! Your New Online Sustainable Design Retail. Not long ago, what seemed to be an owl calling himself “Moorbi” entered the Upcycling scene with the … Read more