Turn That Woolly Sweater Into Pants, a.k.a ‘Swants’

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You know those woolly sweaters one often encounters when thrifting? Would they not be comfy, cool and sexy as.. pants? That is exactly what knits enthusiast and Westknits founder Stephen West figured and the first pair of ‘swants’ soon came into this world.

Swants, Sweater into Pants Sweater Pants aka Swants

The step-by-step tutorial was released last winter and since then the swants have conquered the world. See more fine and inspiring examples under the hashtag #swants.

Prepare yourself for this winter! The tutorial is available on Westknits website. But the collective warns you; pick a sweater you are not emotionally attached to for your first couple pairs of swants as it will probably take a few tries before you master the art of Swantsing!


Sweater Pants

The Sweaters in these images are from second hand store Sputnik in Reykjavik. The photos were also taken in Reykjavik. Via Westknits

++ Swants Tutorial


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