Imaginative Upcycling with Reclaimed Drawers by Sagi

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Upcycled Drawers by Sagi

Beat Lüthi Jakob has been working with wood for a long time.  –The myriad possibilities to design with wood have always fascinated me, says he.

Beat works, and lives with his family, in a former sawmill where he makes furniture under the name Sagi. In addition to conventional furnishing, he also creates objects that land between art and design.

What first and foremost caught our eye, however, was the ANNO Upcycling Möbel collection. This line is built with pieces found at the scrap yard. Sagi’s lust for unconventional design makes these pieces slightly weird and absolutely wonderful.

Sagi Upcycling Furniture
Upcycling Möbel by Sagi

Upcycled Furniture by Sagi

Upcycling by Sagi

++ Sagi

++ ANNO Upcycling Möbel


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